Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have been diagnosed....

...with the Egyptian flu
   Yes, yes, yes my dearest dearies, I am going to be a MUMMY in less than six months!!!
The news came as a surprise to me one Monday morning. The Saturday before that, John Gult (JG) and I went on a moderately strenous hike and I could barely move a muscle next day. Come Monday, I still had a  funny feeling in my stomach and suddenly out of nowhere, I decided to take a pregnancy test. The next thing I know, I was bawling my eyes out in the bathroom. You know how all your life you dream of something but when the moment of truth comes, you are so unprepared for it , you are left clueless? That is kind of what happened to me. 
   We weren't actively in the baby making business, but we were aware we that were not doing anything to not make a baby either. Also, at some level, both JG and I had a feeling that it would never happen to us; don't ask me why. It took a couple of more tests, a visit to the doctor's office and a few weeks for the news to slowly sink in. To be honest, we are both still scared of what is going to happen and we doubt our parenting abilities everyday. But for now, we have decided to sit back and enjoy the ride and wait for a certain little person to teach us everything!
   I have known this news for about 2 months now and it took me so long to come to terms with the idea completely and to gather the courage to post it here; especially since I have been MIA for the past so many months. I discontinued blogging because a few of my real-life friends found me online and had discussed the blog with me offline, which made me self-conscious and  re-evaluate every sentence I typed out  here. But now that I am going through this incredible experience, I wanted to make a record of it, irrespective of the audience. Besides, we all know mommy bloggers are the most popular kind!
   So all you parents, bring on your wisdom. And the yet-to be parents, please pray that I don't turn into one of those obsessive pregnant women who refuse to talk about anything but their pregnancy. And of course, any baby name suggestions you may have will be greatly appreciated.