Monday, July 9, 2007

Side Effects of Sky Diving!!

I decided I was going to start my blog with the greatest achievement in my life so far! Ever since we made a reservation for Sky Diving (oh yeah!!), I had been thinking of events that would make for an interesting post. I was a little disappointed in the end when I couldn't come up with anything even after we finished the jump and drove back home. But then, I did come up with something to write about (obviously, why else would you be reading this?)

For me, the real experience of skydiving started sinking in the day after. Its a little more than 48 hours since my first skydive and here are the major side effects I have noticed:

1. I have been dreaming about planes, jumping off heights etc (very fuzzy and I vaguely remember) all night. My work involves usage of terms like 'Exposure', 'Risk' etc. I dreamt that my adviser decided to work on the risk involved in jumping off heights and then made a volunteer from the lab jump off a high-rise as part of the experiment.

2. At the slightest hint of a plane sound, I become alert as if I have to jump off that plane.

3. Have been showing the video to every person that might be even remotely interested in knowing that I JUMPED!!

4. Of course, have told everyone I met since I made my reservation for skydiving, about it.

5. Trying to remember my feelings at every second of the jump and relaying it to Ravi real-time.

6. Have been watching Ravi's and my skydiving video once every hour and re-living the thrill.

Its an experience I never want to forget and I very strongly recommend to every person even remotely out of their mind! You can watch our videos and get inspired!