Monday, December 31, 2007

The year that was!!

As I turn a year older, I had to stop and look at the year that was. I couldnt resist this post especially after such an eventful year. If no one else wants to read, I am going to read this to my grandchildren after 30 years to show how much fun I was!
  • Get Married: Though I missed my get-married-by-25 deadline by two weeks, I had a blast of a wedding. True to what they say, it was the best events of my life, an elaborate 4 day wedding (including 2 receptions). It was more fun because, I walked into my own wedding like a guest without having a thing to do. In-laws and Out-Laws?? (parents) were the ones that spent 3 months figuring out the venue, menu and such like.

  • Travel to a new country: With the wedding came a honeymoon. Where do you go if you like traveling, beaches, tropical climate and cricket? Thats it, The Caribbean it was for us. (Actually, Ravi once secretly admitted that he proposed to me when he realized he could go to the Caribbean for a honeymoon) White sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, world cup cricket (albeit India's loss), rum, food, people, everything was amazing. One of the best vacations we ever had.

  • Sky Dive: I always thought of myself as someone that was very indoorsy. I could not belive myself when I signed up me and Ravi for Sky diving . Not once did I regret the decision. Its awesome fun when you are scared to death and survive through it. Trust me nothing beats the adrenalin pump you get when you jump out the plane.

  • Start a blog: Sky diving was so much fun, I had to write about it and thats how my blog was born.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Side Effects of Sky Diving!!

I decided I was going to start my blog with the greatest achievement in my life so far! Ever since we made a reservation for Sky Diving (oh yeah!!), I had been thinking of events that would make for an interesting post. I was a little disappointed in the end when I couldn't come up with anything even after we finished the jump and drove back home. But then, I did come up with something to write about (obviously, why else would you be reading this?)

For me, the real experience of skydiving started sinking in the day after. Its a little more than 48 hours since my first skydive and here are the major side effects I have noticed:

1. I have been dreaming about planes, jumping off heights etc (very fuzzy and I vaguely remember) all night. My work involves usage of terms like 'Exposure', 'Risk' etc. I dreamt that my adviser decided to work on the risk involved in jumping off heights and then made a volunteer from the lab jump off a high-rise as part of the experiment.

2. At the slightest hint of a plane sound, I become alert as if I have to jump off that plane.

3. Have been showing the video to every person that might be even remotely interested in knowing that I JUMPED!!

4. Of course, have told everyone I met since I made my reservation for skydiving, about it.

5. Trying to remember my feelings at every second of the jump and relaying it to Ravi real-time.

6. Have been watching Ravi's and my skydiving video once every hour and re-living the thrill.

Its an experience I never want to forget and I very strongly recommend to every person even remotely out of their mind! You can watch our videos and get inspired!